YouTube FanFest 2017: Insta Updates

YTFF 2017 India Main Stage

YTFF 2017 India Main Stage

YouTube FanFest 2017

#YTFF2017 India was in Mumbai last night and it was a blast. YouTube Fan Fest 2017 India was truly one of the most awaited and awesome event this year so far. YTFF saw some brilliant minds come together and celebrate the love which they have received through their fans. The Line Up for the YTFF also made sure that the fans get what they were expecting.


The You Tubers that graced the event with their presence included people like CarryMinati, Technical Guriji, Mumbikar Nikhil, Bhuvam Bam, Girliyapa, Rickshawali, Shirley Setia, Vidya Vox, Zakir Khan, Melvin Louis and others.

All the You Tubers talked to the fans, spend some time with them and also gave short and sweet performances to make sure that the night ended up more star studded than ever. Not all who wished to go to the event and meet their favourite You Tubes could do so. The tickets for the event sold out pretty quick, which shows the amount of love people shower upon their favourite You Tubers.

YTFF Video Gallery @YouTube

Red Carpet Stream

YTFF 2017 Event Stream

Being Indian: Sahil Khattar

Screen Patti


Shirley Setia

Tanner Patrick

Zakir Khan


Mumbiker Nikhil and Nazar Battu

Mumbiker Nikhil and Casper Lee

Nazar battu Productions

Mike Tompkins

Melvin Louis

SnG Comedy and Caspar Lee

Darshan Raval

Bhuvam Bam

SkinnyIndonesian24 and Being Indian’s Sahil Khattar

Siddharth Slathia

Abish Matthew, AIB and Kenny Sebastian

Kurt Hugo Schneider & Sam Tsui


Behind the Scenes

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