Samay Kohli, emtech india 2017 speaker, greyorange

Samay Kohli

Samay Kohli is the co-founder and CEO of GreyOrange, a multinational robotics firm based out of Gurgaon. Today, the success of the company speaks volumes with GreyOrange bagging 90% market share of India warehouse automation market. Samay’s key responsibilities in the company include brand building, designing marketing strategies and business development. At GreyOrange Samay along with Akash Gupta (co-founder and CTO) is focusing on designing, manufacturing and deploying advanced robotics hardware and software products for automation. Their flagship products are a high-tech army of thousands of robots (called Butlers) and Material-handling systems (called Sorters) that are taking over the warehouses and distribution centers around the world. Samay was part of the team that created one of India’s first indigenously created humanoid robots, AcYut, in 2007. He has also represented India in robotics competitions across 13 countries; winning the gold medal at the RoboGames (formerly ROBOlympics) in San Francisco in 2009 amongst many other accolades.

  • Short Bio:Co-founder & CEO of GreyOrange
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