Prof Harald Haas, emtech indai 2017 speaker,, infosec event in india

Prof Harald Haas

Harald Haas, co-founder and interim chief executive officer of pureLifi, a spin-out from the University of Edinburgh, is on a mission to convince the world that a Li-Fi (light fidelity)-enabled LED light bulb can also transmit data at speeds that are much higher than Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity). Haas, who coined the term Li-Fi, is also keen on demonstrating how Li-Fi solar panels, too, can receive data, act as a broadband receiver, and help solve rural connectivity issues. Haas, who is also a world renowned expert in wireless communications and holds the Chair of Mobile Communications at the University of Edinburgh. His main research interests are in optical wireless communications, hybrid optical wireless and RF communications, spatial modulation, and interference coordination in wireless networks. He first introduced and coined spatial modulation and LiFi. LiFi was listed among the 50 best inventions in TIME Magazine 2011. Prof. Haas was an invited speaker at TED Global 2011, and his talk: “Wireless Data from Every Light Bulb” has been watched online more than 2.2 million times. He gave a second TED Global lecture in 2015 on the use of solar cells as LiFi data detectors and energy harvesters. This has been viewed online more than 1 million times. Professor Haas holds 31 patents and has more than 30 pending patent applications. He has published 300 conference and journal papers including a paper in Science. He co-authors a book entitled: “Principles of LED Light Communications Towards Networked Li-Fi” published with Cambridge University Press in 2015. Prof. Haas is editor of IEEE Transactions on Communications and IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technologies.

  • Short Bio:Co-founder and CSO, pureLifi
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