RSA Conference 2017 Review

RSAC17 RSA Conference 2017 Review,

Every Year RSA Conference is getting Bigger and Better, This year Turned out to be Biggest Success in RSA History, Cyber Security not only matters to IT-Professionals, it now matters to the general public, all established and small start-ups are now working to improve their presence in market, with improved cyber security, there is so much to learn in cyber security that even a professional who has more than 10 years of experience can find something which he had not figured earlier in his entire career.

RSA Conference is a 3 Day Conference, which was held in February 2017, in San Francisco, it was a wonderful opportunity to meet right folks who are in cyber security and meet out of town people, as it is a platform to meet information security professional around the world.

Here Are Few Keynote Speakers of RSAC17

Dr. Josh Benaloh

Senior Cryptographer, Microsoft Research

Ron Carback

Defense Intelligence Officer for Cyber, Defense Intelligence Agency

George Kurtz

CEO, CrowdStrike

Vijay Dheap

Program Director – Cognitive Security, IBM

April Doss

Partner, Saul Ewing

Launches in RSAC 2017

Tenable Security has launched Tenable IO

Palo Alto Networks launched PAN-OS 8.0


Hacking Exposed LIVE

Hacking Exposed LIVE style where they demonstrate real world hacks of everyday objects and Demo’s Like,

  • Universal Hooking
  • Poison Tap to Hack
  • Hacking BOIS Utility
  • Hacking Voting Machines

Check out  the video By Stuart McClure(CEO, Cylance Inc.)