R2Con, R2Con cfp, cybersecurity conference


The talks and trainings in r2con must involve r2 in some way or another, we are not imposing any strict topic, the August’s 1st we will publish the schedule with all the accepted talks.

You can send your talk proposals (45m of duration) to r2con@radare.org


Because in 2016, the radare project turns 10 year old and the community and interest is big enough to fill a conference. And the project evolves pretty fast, so it makes sense to repeat the event in 2017 to celebrate the 11th anniversary.


September 6, 7, 8, 9


Everyone: from hackers to developers, from users to companies, from curious to experts.
Tickets bought before August 15th will be rewarded with some r2 merchandising. In addition you can save the shipping costs and get lowered prices at Camisetas Frikis
Please send more talks, the CFP is not closed yet, and there’s no schedule defined atm.

6th – 7th Wednesday-Thursday Trainings
Beginner Training (maijin, xvilka)
Beginner Training (pancake, alvarofe)
Unpacking on Windows (newlog)
8th – 9th Friday-Saturday Talks

r2k – analyzing and debugging the kernel (nighterman)
r2frida – mrmacete
r2yara – mmorpg
GSoC – students update
SMT – ak42/zlow
AVR reversing (darkk3y)
Riscure presentation
iaito – the qt GUI
SIOL – condret
Rust rewrite – oddcoder
w32 COM reversing – newlog
cfg based fuzzy hash – robin