HackInTheNorth 2017 Review

HackInTheNorth “Hackathon is the place where your crazy idea becomes your reality”, this famous quote by Alex kern is what has encouraged hackathons all over the world.

Hack In The North 2.0 – India’s Biggest Student Hackathon is the biggest student held Hackathon in India. Hack In The North is open for university and high school students.

Hack In The North 2.0 - India's Biggest Student Hackathon

HackInTheNorth started on 23rd of March inviting more than 300 students from all over the globe in IIIT Allahabad to show their creativity and innovative ideas building a project they are passionate about and it proved out be an amazing experience for all the students out there.

Not only they got a chance to express their passion, they also got to know the skills required to be a part of something bigger and competitive.

All the students got an opportunity to attend one of the best workshops and speakers to guide them through. This eventually helped them frame their ideas into a more appropriate shape.HackInTheNorth

Top 10 team members got an opportunity of presenting their projects in front of the esteem judges and they got a head start towards their dream.

It is rightly said that no effort lies useless and this is what the real idea behind Hack In The North. The involvement of so many students under one competitive level truly proved how enthusiastically this Hackathon had taken place and how actively the participation happened.


Post by : Divanshi Kumawat