Event description

The Fourth Annual North American Bitcoin Conference 2017

Look, we know there are 1000+ other financial conferences you can attend this year, filled with lame speeches and fluff. That’s why we’re here. Blockchain: Money is carefully curated to teach you about next-level, actionable innovation and technology you can utilize the very next day.

We meticulously scout out the best of the best, choosing fantastic speakers to teach you about the strategies, technologies, and innovations they’ve developed and mastered.

We’ll be covering a wide array of topics, such as The Blockchain, Bitcoin, investing, regulation, startups, the Internet of Things, growth hacking, and more (phew!).

The North American Bitcoin Conference is an exclusive meeting of 500+ global digital currency entrepreneurs, investors, corporate executives and more. The event includes presentations from global leaders, regulators, and bankers.

Bitcoin is making waves in both the media and financial world. With government regulators and online retailers finally recognizing the power of Bitcoin, this virtual currency is set to change the way we handle money.

Bringing the world up to speed in the fast developing financial technologies. Plug into the brightest minds in the industry, and listen to big names in an intimate atmosphere.



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