Event description

NullCon Information Security Conference 2017 is India’s Biggest Security Event which is inspired by BlackHat & Defcon. Nullcon conference is a unique platform for security companies/evangelists to showcase their research and technology, which will take place on

3rd  and 04th March’17 in Goa, India.

NullCon Goa 2017 conference highlights


  • Case study of SS7/Sigtran assessment by Akib Sayyed
  • Explorer’s Guide to Shooting Satellite Transponders by Jay Turla
  • Invoke-Obfuscation: PowerShell obFUsk8tion Techniques & How To (Try To) D””e’Tec’T ‘Th’+’em’ by Daniel Bohannon
  • Hypervisors in Your Toolbox: Monitoring and Controlling System Events with HyperPlatform by Satoshi Tanda & Timo Kreuzer
  • Nearly generic fuzzing of XML-based formats by Nicolas Grregoire
  • Drone Hijacking and other IoT hacking with GNU Radio and SDR by Arthur Garipov, Specaist
  • Introduction to Logical Windows Privilege Escalation by James Forshaw, security researcher – Google Project Zero
  • Windows Kernel Exploitation – Ashfaq Ansari
  • Understanding and Exploiting Cryptography & PKI Implementations- Ajit Hatti
  • Xtreme Android Exploitation Lab – Anant Shrivastava & Anto Joseph
  • Assessing And Exploiting Industrial Control Systems – Justin Searle
  • Practical RFID/NFC Hacking Training – Adam Laurie
  • The Web Application Hacker’s Handbook, Live Edition- Marcus Pinto
  • Cloud Security For Devs & Ops – Akash Mahajan & Riyaz Walikar
  • Low Level Hardware Reversing(Basic) – Javier-Vazquez Vidal & Ferdinand
  • Audit +++ – Joerg Simon
  • Advanced Infrastructure Security Assessment Training – Abhisek Datta & Omair
  • Practical IoT Hacking Training – Aseem Jakhar
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