Event description

The following are the rules for the Counter Strike gaming events in delhi held on Educational Day.
1.Team of 5 members has to register!!
2.No substitute will be allowed after a team has registered only the registered players will be allowed to play(i.e the team of 5)
3.Every team must register with a name.
4.In case team is absent during their match , chance will be given to the other team.
5.Any cheating activity will lead to disqualification(hacking ,walling , SCREENING).
6. No external memory device will be allowed to be connected to the computer.
6.The players can bring there own kit to play, which includes(mouse, mouse pad ,headphones)
7.The team collectively will be responsible for any damage to the computer of the college and will be fined appropriately.

1. 5 to 10 minutes will given max for setting the computer, as per the players requirement.
2.If there in any issue with the computer, it should be reported in these 5 to 10 minutes before match starts, once the computer is allotted and the match begins they will not be allowed to change the computer in middle of the match.

IN GAME(knock-out round)
1. 1st round will be played for the selection of side ( Terrorist or counter-terrorist)
2. Teams will switch after 5 rounds
2. Freeze time will be of 8 seconds.
3. Initial Money – $800(in-game money)
4. Total numbers of rounds – 10.
5. In case the score is 5-5, then 1 final deciding round will be played which will decide the winner.

IN GAME(Final Round)
1. The final match will have best 20 rounds.
2. So the teams will be play 10 rounds on each side(ie. 10 on CT and 10 on T)
3. In case any team is absent by will be given and the other team will be declared as winner.

1. Re entry can be made only once.
2. The amount for re entry will be the same as mentioned above (i.e 50 per person)
3. No re entry will be made once quarter-finals have begun.

For more information contact the following
(Atul Anand 9990681651)