Event description

KublaCon 2017 is the West Coast’s largest gaming convention. Running from Friday at 1 pm to Monday at 5 pm, you’ll experience a huge choice of games from board games, to roleplaying, to special events of all sorts!

Games, Gaming, and Gamers

KublaCon 2017 presents a weekend of playing ‘hobby games.’ By this, we mean the kinds of games where you join other players with paper, pen, dice, chits, meeples, figurines, cards, costumes, etc.

Above it all, you’ll get a chance to meet organizers and attendees who LOVE gaming. You can meet gamers of all ages who take great joy in sharing their latest favorite game, organizing a quick tournament or just talking about the latest fun they’ve had.


You can also register AT the show.

  • ONSITE PRICES & REGISTRATIONFull Weekend Pass = $60
    One Day Pass = $40
    One Day Pass – MONDAY = $30



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