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KIACS Cyber Security Conference 2017

Kuwait Industrial Automation & Control Systems Cyber Security Conference 2017 (KIACS Cyber Security Conference) is the first conference of its kind held in Kuwait, addressing the problems of cyber security threats and the cyber-crisis in Industrial Control Systems (ICS) for oil, gas, petrochemical and power plants.

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Review the Cyber Security Standards and international community’s expertise and achievements up to now in strengthening Cyber Security of industrial Automation and management Systems, Learn and share Cyber Security Best Practices enforced in Operational Technologies (OTs), Understands the Human factor Dynamics in Cyber Security, to spot the rising Cyberlaw trends and jurisprudence impacting cyberspace in today’s situation, to form much more awareness regarding the new rising kinds of cyber crimes that are impacting all stakeholders in the digital system and to spot the areas in cyber crimes wherever Cyberlaw must be any evolved therefore as to meet with the expectation and wishes of the relevant stakeholders of the digital ecosystem and For stakeholders and consultants to share information and experience, as well as exchange best practices in the field of IACS Cyber Security, Crisis Management with a particular target cyber workshops.


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