Event description

Implement a Strategy to Capitalize on the Growth of the IoT

Why Attend

Estimates put the number of devices in the Internet of Things at 30 Billion by 2020. Attend to learn about new technologies, develop skills and explore new tools in gathering and leveraging data for IoT. Industries are now realizing the opportunities and capitalizing on the growth of IoT.


The initial lineup for 2017 in San Francisco is being recruited now. Email Gabrielle Morse for more information.


The Internet of Things Summit gathers together thought leaders working towards an interconnected world.Hear presentations on the most important topics influencing IoT development, including:

  • Business Models to Embrace IoT
  • Privacy & Security in the Consumer IoT
  • Interaction Between Devices
  • Diversity of Devices Available
  • Collecting & Analysing Data
  • Smart Homes
  • Smart Cities
  • Industrial Internet of Things


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