Event description

A new segment of Hackers 2 Hackers Conference (H2HC), aimed at the audience from technical level beginner to intermediate.

H2HC University’s main objective is to assist the growth of current and future professionals in the field by helping them with content and techniques to influence the path of their path. The event, which runs parallel to H2HC, lasts 2 days and has a wide and wide range of lectures and workshops covering various subjects.

In addition to all the activities of H2HC University will still have access to the Capture the Flag competition of the H2HC (you can participate, following the rules mentioned here.

Who Should Attend 

Anyone who is responsible for the security and privacy of information should participate including: CEO, CIO, CTO, Technology Directors, Systems Architects, System Developers, Network Administrators, Security Officers, Network Security Specialist, Security Consultants, Risk Managers, Systems Administrators, and students who have a continuous learning about security.


– Intrusion Testing

– Web application security

– Exploit Development Techniques

– Security in telecommunications and phone phreaking

– Fuzzing and Application Security Testing

– Techniques for Software Development and Secure Systems

  – Hardware hacking, embedded systems and other electronic devices

– Exploring mobile devices, Symbian, P2K and Bluetooth technology

– Analysis of viruses, worms and malware in general

– Reverse engineering

– Rootkits

– Security in Wi-Fi and VoIP environments

– Smartcard, RFID and similar security information

– Technical approach to alternative operating systems

– Denial of service attacks and / or countermeasures

– Security aspects in SCADA and industrial environments and “obscure”

– Encryption

– Lockpicking, trashing, Physical security and urban exploration

– Internet, Privacy and Big Brother

– Information warfare and industrial espionage


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