Event description

GHS is back after a long Hiatus, and we’re happy announce Gaming Event in New York to be at AON Gaming on October 8th for our second stop!

Essential Information:
Doors Open (Registration): 10 AM
Registration Closes: 11 AM
Brackets Drawn: 11:15 AM
Tournament Start: 11:30 AM

Entry Cost: $25 (Includes $10 Venue & $5 Earbud fee)
Save $5 on your entry by bringing a pair of earbuds

Players will be required to wear earbuds and ear defenders to reduce the exterior noise from Commentary and spectators. Bring your own earbuds and save some money!

Players will be required to register their decks either at the venue or may bring a pre-filled registration form which will be available here the week before the tournament. This is to prevent players from changing decks between matches.

Tournament Format & Rules:
Double Elimination, Conquest (4 decks, 1 ban).

General Rules

Every Round of the tournament will be a Best of 5 Conquest match. Players will supply 4 decks and will ban one of their opponent’s decks at the start of the match simultaneously.

During play, no other applications may be running on the computer with the exception of Notepad.

Players should not run any 3rd party applications as it will lead to an automatic game loss and potential ejection from the tournament.

Players may utilize pen and paper to keep notes during a matchup.

Players must play across each other, not allowing their opponent to see their screen in any way.

Communication between players is allowed, however collusion will be treated as cheating and will disqualify both players for the tournament and the remainder of the 2016-17 season.

Players must play out all games, and may not “split” at any point.

If the winner of a GHS circuit stop has won a previous event, the Auto-bid will not be awareded to second place.

GHS Points Awarded:
1st: 100 + Invite to Day 2 of Season Final
2nd: 65
3rd: 35
4th: 25
5-6th: 15
7-16th: 5

Current Standings:
Kurumu 100 (Auto Bid)
RescueRobot 65
theDuL0R 35
Carousel 25
JoeMtokens55 15