Event description

Engaging Your Audience & Utilizing Your Social Media Presence

Why Attend

This summit brings together a wealth of experience from a variety of Digital Marketing and Strategy leaders, providing an in-depth and truthful look at the different industries they represent, so that you can properly benchmark your digital marketing activities against the competition.

Our Speakers

Join digital marketing experts in Asia Pacific and share your insights & strategies. “Share, learn and innovate!”


As organisations and the global market place grow, the role of the digital leaders has become more important for ensuring successful marketing & strategy implementation and execution.Agenda Release: December 2016

This year’s themes include:

  • Multi-Platform Marketing: Mobile and Wearables
  • Converting Social Media Into Sales
  • Audience Engagement and Brand Loyalty
  • The Changing Mediums of Marketing: Video, Image, Native Advertising
  • Using Data & Analytics to Develop Marketing Strategy




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