Event description

BlockChain Symposium Blockchain technology can upend businesses in several ways. This revolutionary technology has the potential to maximize working together with increased security & transparency in supply chains, healthcare, HR, global money systems, financial technologies, democratic elections, auction of public assets, energy trading, electronic record authentication, delivery of Government services, IoT and much more.

The Blockchain Symposium, organized by the RACENEXT will bring together the experts who will explain the building blocks of the Blockchain technology, the transformation potential it carries and also their approach for adoption.
Discover how we can help you understand and adopt this fantastic new technology.


About Blockchain
Crypto currencies: Trends, Legal aspects
Benefits, Pros and Cons of Blockchain
Types: Shared, Permission, Hybrid
Know: #, Mine, Smart Contracts, BlockChain Anchoring
Use-cases of Blockchain
BFSI, HR, Land, Health,
Stages of adoption
Evaluation of blockchain


For More Info Visit URL : http://www.racenext.com Event Organiser : RaceNext Information Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Contact Info of Organiser drarvindprabhu@gmail.com