Event description

Air Traffic Control Association’s (ATCA) annual event provides a fresh perspective regarding the impact of federal cyber policies, industry initiatives and cyber activity on engineering and operations in light of recent domestic and international cyber attacks.

  • Deep dive on aviation and low-altitude UAS cybersecurity measures
  • Interactive transatlantic tabletop exercise:
  • Imagine you are on a flight from Dublin to Boston. Somewhere over the Atlantic the pilot believes the plane is under cyber attack. This causes multiple in-flight “events” that result in the loss of communications between the cockpit and ground (service providers, airline operations). On June 23, learn how best to respond to such an event. Discover how many different parts of the aviation would need to come together (and dare we say,collaborate). In this interactive experience, you will have the chance to be a pilot, controller, ANSP, Department of Homeland Security representative, and more. This will give you a whole new perspective into the world of cyber mitigation.



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