Why to attend Gartner Digital Marketing Conference 2017

Gartner Digital Marketing Conference 2017 maybe called as the best Digital Marketing Conference in some time.

The to-the-point and no non-sense attitude makes this conference a catch for any senior marketing executive. Actionable insights and key strategies delivered from independent and objective research makes this conference stand out in the croud. Attendees can find themselves equipped with better tools, techiques and technologies which can help them hone their craft and deliver astounding results.


Who should attend

Marketing Leaders

Marketing analytics Leader

Consumer experience & Commerce Leaders

Multichannel Maketing Leaders


Why to attend Gartner Digital Marketing Conference 2017

GDMC is sure to leave you with a better understanding of;

  • Advanced Strategies with Data and Analytics
  • CX Design, executtion and measurement
  • Best practices to plan a performance-based marketing budget
  • Building your MarTech stack
  • Account-based marketing
  • How to get the best out of DMP platform
  • value-based segmentation for right customer targeting
  • Use of mobile technology and behavior to deliver a connected CX
  • Appliation of full-funnel marketing analytics and attribution for maximizing marketing effectiveness
  • Changes in the future of advertisement
  • Understanding marketing agency landscape and how to maximize agency impact
  • Tools and techniques to build and manage a content supply chain
  • Find out what marketers can learn from Hollywood about storytelling
  • Enhance the power of your brand by aligning it to purpose and social impact
  • Plan for IOT and the real challenges and opportunities it presents to marketing
  • Demystify digital disruptors—bots and VPAs—and learn to use them to your advantage

Heres’ more why

  • Gartner analyst sessions
  • Analyst-user roundtables
  • Real-world succcess stories
  • Exhibitor access at the Solution Showcase
  • Solution provider sessions
  • Face-to-face sponsor meetings
  • Group Rate Discount
  • Independent and Object Oriented Research

Date, time, venue and other details of the conference.